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FREE Delivery


Orders over R4000 Excl VAT will be shipped FREE to any major city within South Africa.

(Terms and Conditions apply)

All Pricing Excludes VAT, Pricing & Specifications Are Subject To Change Without Prior Notice, Ruling Rate Of Exchange Applies, Errors & Omissions Excepted (E&OE)

Frequently Asked Questions

Our laptops come with an Operating System (OS) installed. Many used laptop sellers do not include the OS, so be sure to check. Loading an OS on a laptop can be time consuming and challenging for those not familiar with where all the drivers and appropriate files need to be located. Not only is it a challenge, but it can be an expensive additional expense. 

We specialize in used laptops and have been doing so since March 1997. We know laptops and can answer your laptop questions. 

We answer our phones and respond to all e-mails. Call us and you will actually have a person pick up the telephone, often on the first ring (if we are unable to answer the phone please leave a message and know that your call will be returned promptly). Technical support calls get the same type of quick response.

We test, test and test the laptops. We do not like Dead on Arrivals (DOAs) and rarely have them. Before shipping and packaging your laptop we re-test it with the AC adapter you will receive to insure there are no problems.

Our site is easy to navigate and kept very current. Every laptop on the site is in stock and can be purchased immediately. We typically will ship the same day your order is processed. You will receive the tracking number via email either before the close of business or first thing the following morning.

Each laptop ships with the peripherals specified in it’s description (e.g. floppy disk drive, CD ROM drive), an A/C adapter, a Windows registration card and the laptop. If a modem cable is required it will be included. Unless listed as part of the laptop's description, we don’t include a carrying case, a "paper" User’s Guide, an external mouse or any of the original packaging.

As we purchase in quantity we have more than one of each model available for purchase.

We purchase from leasing companies, corporations, brokers and wholesalers. We don’t purchase "ones" or "twos" as it is too difficult to refurbish and sell.

We will e-mail you a tracking number within twenty-four hours of shipping your order.

We enjoy meeting our local Customers in person and will be more than happy to assist you.

Our laptops will not have significant signs of use such as damaged displays or cracked cases. As they are used there may be some minor cosmetic marks on the units, generally limited to the outside of the case. Some laptop dealers list these as "A" Condition. Not new, but in great shape.

When our Inventory was originally manufactured, CD-RW drives were not available. Your options are to purchase a newer, more expensive laptop that comes with a CD-RW drive OR purchase an external CD-RW drive to work with our less expensive laptops. These external drives connect via the USB Port BUT require USB 2.0 to burn at their maximum rate (our Inventory comes with USB 1.0 which transfers data slower). You need to purchase two things: a USB 2.0 PCMCIA card and the external drive.

Yes, all orders include an A/C adapter.

User’s Guides are not included with the laptops as we rarely get manuals when we purchase the laptops. Should you require a manual they can usually be found for free download or use online at the laptop manufacturer’s web site.

We don’t have Recovery Disks or Operating System CDs to include with your order. We’d suggest creating a Boot Disk when you receive your laptop to use in case reinstallation of the Operating System becomes necessary.

Drivers you can download from the manufacturer’s web site. If you have difficulty locating the drivers on the internet we can find it for you. The link to the specific driver page will then be forwarded to you via email.

Unless otherwise noted as part of the laptop's description, we only include the Operating System with the laptop. You’ll need to install any other software you’ll need to use.

No. We expect our Customers to install software...just make sure the laptop specifications meet those required for the particular application.

Batteries are excluded from our Warranty system, however we do test all the batteries to last us atleast 45 minutes.

Please see the discussion at as to extending the life of a Lithium-based battery.

Swappable means that the laptop will come with a CD-ROM drive module and a floppy disk drive module. However, only one of the drives can be used in the Internal Drive Bay at a time. In order to change drives, the drive currently using the drive bay must be physically removed and the other drive installed, while the unit is turned off.

"Hot swapping" means swapping various drive modules (e.g. floppy disk drive, CD/DVD ROM drive) without having to turn the laptop off. This capability is not available with all laptop computers. To determine if your drives are hot swappable you will need to read the laptops specifications.

We provide a detailed list of ports and other expansion options at each models page. If you have specific questions you are welcome to call or email us.

If you already have a printer, make sure it’s connector is available on the laptop by checking the specs pages as outlined just above. If you haven’t purchased a printer, depending on the laptop’s specifications you have some choices including a Universal Serial Bus (USB) or 25-pin (industry standard).

Simultaneously press the function key "Fn" and the other function keys on which there is a small display graphics.

If you laptop goes into hibernation, standby, suspend or sleep mode you will need to change your Power Management Properties. Click on the 'Start' button, -> Settings -> Control Panels -> and double-click on the Power Management icon. This utility will give you control over which devices are disabled after a certain time period. Other power management properties might reside in your system BIOS.

Active Matrix (also known as "TFT") is the best type of display that is made. HPA (High Performance Addressing) is the next best, designed by IBM. Dual Scan is the third and least expensive best option. The quality of Dual Scan varies greatly. Some are acceptable, and some are not. An Active-Matrix display is considered better than a Dual Scan because it is brighter, easier to view at side angles and minimizes the so-called "ghosting effect" when the cursor moves across the screen.